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My experience with Windows 10 Technical preview on HP Pro X2

Hi, as the title says I installed the windows 10 on my Hp Pro X2, and here are my thoughts, The installation process went fine, it’s identical since Windows 7 and also Vista was similar, however it was really smooth and fast, I was able to put the ISO on a usb thumb drive using a program called Rufus the post installation is a lot similar to Windows 8/8.1, with.. Read More

Use generic NFC tags with Sony Smart Connect

I recently bought a Sony Xperia Z1, an awesome smartphone, every time I look at it I fall in love with his design, and Sony seriously made an awesome job with the software, one great app is Smart Connect, an app that allows you to connect various Sony device, ie the Sony Smartband, and manage them trough this app I recently discovered that on Sony devices this app enables you.. Read More

Outlook 2013 Survival guide

About a year ago I went to the Microsoft HQ here in Italy, there were the Server infrastucture days, and here I learned about the new version of Exchange, completely rewritten in C#, lot of awesomeness, so my first thought was “omg, the Outlook 2013 version must be awesome if they have redone everything”… I have never been so wrong The company I work for recently changed a lot of.. Read More

Hello World! ooops, again

Again Hello World! I’ve messed a bit with the database and the old installation of wordpress aaaand, I have deleted everything, oooops no problem, I’m still here with the new shiny version 4 of wordpress, a working plugin for multilanguage site and with some news, I’ll post everything in these days, thank you for reading! Paolo